Phil Coupet


I was born and raised in Hollywood, Fl. I always had art in my life since the day I can first remember. Tattooing later was kind of just the next step to the evolving process. Never really thought of this as a career path necessarily until I saw so many amazing things being done by SO MANY amazing artists. Gotta be constantly stepping your game up when levels keep rising.


To this day I'm not really sure what my style would be considered. I like to mess around with all kinds of stylings due to the fact that there is much to be taken from each realm. Even just collaborating stylings together seems to work for some projects. I feel like just being good in all genres works best in the field of catering to the clients needs. As well as a constant thirst and hunger to succeed further and further in ability.


I would have to say passion for maintaining this lifestyle. Seriously one of the best paths taken which has not only given a fruitful living but also provides a means of self improvement on a constant cycle. I love this shit. I love also the community it supports. This is our life and our livelihood.


Endless Summer for me is different from a lot of studios because of vibe alone... Just a beachside surf style art studio in the heart of Cocoa Beach. A lil golden nugget, pleasant enough for your grandma to come kick it.


In my spare time... surfing, art, fishing, loving, playing music, sk8ing, mtn biking, etc.. but not necessarily in that order. It's all relative to what I am and do as an artist though, absolutely. Just catalysts of the creative process.

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