Bobby Bones

        My soul was born about 800 million years ago in a little city on the planet Nibiru in a city named Tatzap. That's a long story that I won't get into. My Earth body was born in Orlando a few years back. During my childhood I was always running rabid around the neighborhood getting into mischief. Because my brain was already packed with so much information, I chose to make Earth friends and play outside and not stare at a black box and play video games. It was at this time when I learned to surf and became my alter ego "Shredder Krueger." I also learned to play drums and guitar.


        Once I reached the age of 18, I was genetically modified by an alien race to preform tattoos on other humans. After enough knowledge was imprinted into my brain, that took about 4 years. Then by the age of 22, I decided to get a proper human apprenticeship, because that is what you are supposed to do here on Earth. So I met my Earth mentor Chyloe, he taught me all he could and sent me on my way. So I packed up all my stuff and move to sunny California where I slaved away for the next 2 years on Hollywood Blvd. I then realized that working 15 hour days was not helping me achieve my goal of world domination (tattooing is my cover). I once again packed my things and moved out to Venice Beach and tattooed another 5 years. While in Venice, I worked on a secret project to put real human souls into robots of all the original Dogtown and Z Boys. Once I finished that projected and really started getting pretty decent at tattooing, I went back to my Earth home in Orlando, Florida. At this time, I was juggling playing in bands and tattooing and my newest Earth project. That's classified though (sorry not sorry).


        Once this mission was completed, I decided to go on a spiritual journey for the next few years. This landed me in places such as Tennessee, Ohio, California, Alabama, and Pennsylvania. I then decided to come back to the motherland. It is then that I found myself at Endless Summer Tattoo doing sick tatties, sweet burners and bitchin' rippers. I couldn't be more stoked to be here and tattoo all of you beautiful humans.

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